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Here at we know all too well that for most of our customers, when buying a printer, the simple decision whether to buy an inkjet printer or laser printer can be a difficult one. Both types have pros and cons, which need to be weighed based on the features and functionality needed by the consumer.

First, it’s probably best to explain the basic difference between Laser and inkjet printers. Laser printers use heat to fuse powdered ink onto the paper. It does not bleed into the paper, so it produces a very sharp, crisp result, making them ideal for documents with a high word count. They have a very fast print speed and text is crystal clear.

Inkjet printers spray tiny microscopic dots of ink onto the paper. The ink absorbs into the paper and “bleeds” a little. You can use these printers for printing word documents but the text is not usually as crisp, due to the slight bleeding. However the bleeding effect is actually useful for photos and images because gradient works well, making these printers the preferred choice for image printing.

Usually most manufactures have both types of printers available but you will find that they will nearly always specialise in one of the two types of technologies. Manufactures like Samsung, HP Oki have some great Laser printers on offer while others such as Epson & Brother would have better inkjet models available.

So which is cheaper? Usually inkjet printers are slightly cheaper than laser printers. This goes for both the Hardware (the printer itself) and the consumables (the ink). However, inkjet printers have a significantly higher cost per page due to them being less efficient. So even though the cartridges will cost you less money, you will have to buy them more often.

At you can purchase monochrome (black & white) version as well as colour versions of both laser printers and inkjet printers. As mentioned before laser printers are slightly more expensive than inkjet and a colour laser will be even more expensive again but you will be refilling your laser printer much less often, cutting down on your ongoing cost of ownerships. Both types of machines are available in a multifunction model, offering printing, faxing, copying and faxing, so in this regard they are the same.

So to conclude, both types of printers will print both photos and text. If you are going to be using it mostly to print off word documents weather you’re a student printing off your last assignment or working in a busy office, the fast printing capabilities and crystal clear text make a laser printer a better choice. If you are more interested in printing high quality photos you should choose an inkjet printer. If you’re on a low budget then an inkjet printer may be better suited but if you splash out on a slightly more expensive laser it will save you money in the long run.

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